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for my writing seminar about objects in culture

we had to read this thing on clothing and its importance

and i s2g every fucking time i read the word “aesthetic” i just 


that guy from arcade fire looks like he’s constantly stepping in something wet with socks on





OK, after the whole Alex fiasco, I think that the Scottish Independence Referendum is a bit complicated. As a real-life Brit, this referendum is something I hear about everyday, you really can’t avoid it.

I can see where the advert is coming from, I mean, oil is going to run out soon and a second Act of Union isn’t something likely. But at the same time, independence is something that those who wish for it should get. 

I get Alex’s sarcastic tweet, considering he’s for the ‘yes’ vote but the bringing of gender into it is just stupid. Full stop.

Conclusion: I have no real or justified opinion on the referendum (I’m not Scottish or in Parliament) and Lexxo is a moron.

To me this has never been about the legitimacy of the independence camp. On the most abstract level, national self-determination is an ideal for which we strive in an “enlightened” world. But I’m an American for fuck’s sake. I absolutely and utterly lack the sociocultural context to be part of the conversation.

It’s just that to me, the legitimacy of his sentiments specifically are completely undermined when women (and men!) happen to be collateral damage in his anger towards those who disagree with him. You’re being a poor advocate for your own cause.

Actually, I agree with your points, they’re quite good.

will alex kapranos threaten to block me again if i call him out again